About Me

Hey! My name's Elijah Stone. I'm a 21 year old singer-songwriter out of Las Vegas, NV. I started releasing music in 2020 and released my first 2 singles. A year later and I've released 7 songs in total and wrapped up that more "indie" sound with my first album "Confessions" which is a 9 song album. I was signed in september of 2021 with Milk & Honey as my active management which has helped me to further my reach and my ability to connect with industry help, which has really accelerated my music journey. I also have been in photography and videography and other art forms my whole life which has really helped me to mend the connections I have and make new ones. My roadmap for 2022 is going to be intense and full of really cool surprises, I am beyond stoked to share my new sound, new vision, and new ideas with you all!